The longer you stand on wet cement, the harder it is to leave. Then why do we like to put ourselves through all the hard times when we can leave sooner and easily? Follow your heart! There is absolutely no need to restrict yourself when you want to fly, no need to hold yourself back when you want to run, no need to adjust to something when you can create your own path. Trust yourself and take the leap! It is never too late to start afresh.

Following my heart over my brain works the best for me. For every time that I weigh the pros and cons and take all the calculated risks or decisions, I end up regretting them. And for every time that I do something instinctively, I love how it works out for me. And even if it does not work out, I at least know that I am responsible for it and that helps me in not regretting my decisions.

Time is money, so why do we end up wasting it? Why do we kill so much time and regret later? All you have is today, make the most of it. Don’t just have dreams, work towards turning them into reality. With every day that you waste, you take one step back in achieving your goals. Why would you step backwards when you can sprint forward?

Make each day count. Make sure that you get the feeling of satisfaction when you call it a day. Do something productive and worthy every single day. Take baby steps towards your goal every day and you won’t even realise when those baby steps will turn into a race and the finishing line will be flashing in front of your eyes.

Give up on the excuses of ‘Someday’, ‘Oneday’ and turn it into ‘Today!’ And ‘Follow Your Heart!’



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