Done with it!

The non-stop chit chats have turned into hours of silence, hours and hours of never ending awkward silence. Is this normal? Or what we had was normal? I fail to understand that, as both of these situations irritate me to the core. In the middle of all the silences, I feel like screaming at the top of my voice, get all the attention that I want, slap that person hard to knock in some sense and then cry my heart out! Can I do this? I wish I could, I wish I could follow my heart in this situation.

Three and a half years of friendship are getting flushed down the drain right in front of my eyes, and I really can’t do anything about it. How can things change so easily and quickly? How can your best friend choose someone else, some third person who came into her life way later than I did, over me? Was I just another person in her life, just like everybody else? I feel like I made a fool out of myself! More than that I feel like a door-mat!

Sitting beside her every day in discomfort is something that I had never imagined. I was a fool all this while. No one actually means what they say and show to it. I should’ve been more careful while opening myself up to others. Sometimes you end up hurting yourself just because you expected more out of others. It’s always your own mistakes. Learn from your mistakes and move on. Such is life. Not everyone that you come across in life is meant to be with you forever, more than that not all of them consider you that what you consider them.

I will always remember this friendship, cherish the good times, but I won’t cry over it anymore. It’s over and I am done with it. That person…..

Never mind, I am done with it!


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