Beats to life!

There are these some songs that transport you to a completely different world or at least to some different zone. They pour some good memories or visuals over your ordinary day. Just try picturing this bucket full of good memories being poured over you and that smile that it then brings to your face. Just close your eyes and enjoy the tunes and you will feel as if you are re-living the complete scenario.

Some songs bring back happy memories, some bring bad ones, some bring back the fun times and some remind you of a lost friendship, none the less these songs bring back something or the other. That’s the power of these songs that are no longer than 3-4 minutes. Just that much time and it brings back so much to remember.

My current favourite songs that give me mental peace are Yahin Hoon Mein by Ayushmann Khurrana and the second one is Bolna from the movie Kapoor and Sons. These two songs are so lovely and peaceful that I enjoy listening to them on a loop. Even if you don’t understand Hindi, I would suggest you to listen to these two songs and I am pretty sure that you would understand the emotions behind it.

Music is therapy. Those random picture posts floating around FaceBook about music are kind of making sense to me now. It actually does wonders to your day or mood. Listen to some calming and soothing music before going to bed and you’ll surely sleep better, listen to some peppy beats and turn your day from boring to fun, listen to such above mentioned songs and calm your day down.

Which is your current favourite song?


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