The last words

It’s not everyday that I watch some sitcom and learn something out of it or rather realize something about life in general, is it? I was watching this episode of How I Met Your Mother in which Marshal lost his father and he was trying to remember the last word that his father told him. I don’t know why, but this thing really hit me hard. I mean I don’t want my near and dear ones to remember my last words as ‘I hate you’, ‘I don’t want to talk to you’, ‘@#*|•^’, ‘leave me alone’, ‘can we talk later, I am busy right now’. And also having these or similar phrases as my closed ones last words would also hurt me a lot. We have this one beautiful life, why do we complicate it and create a total chaos out of it? Why do we prioritize work over loved ones or stress over fun times with family? Why do we end friendships if things aren’t quite working out, why don’t we take two-three steps forward to solve the issue rather than shutting that friend out? And when you lose that friend forever, wouldn’t you regret it all? We fight and argue with our closed ones, but what if you get to know later that that was the last conversation you would ever had with them? Would you like a fight or heated argument to be your last conversation with someone? 

Make time for people who matter the most to you. I agree that you need money to pay the bills, but aren’t your loved ones the reason that you are doing all the hard work for? Work, but don’t forget your loved ones between all that climbing-the-ladder game. Life doesn’t give second chances, if you lose a person, you lose them forever. 

You are blessed to have a family, not everyone is as fortunate as you are to have a family. Your friends are the family you pick for yourself, so hold on to them, you have earned that friendship. Your partner is that one person you love selflessly, don’t hurt them, prosper and grow, together. 

I knew this one old uncle living in the building across mine, he used to have tea by his window every evening around 5 PM, and he used to wave at me from there. This had become a regular affair, we didn’t know each other but we knew each other with our waves. No matter what he was always by his window at that time, but one day he didn’t show up, neither the next day or the day after that. He never showed up after that and even though he was a complete stranger to me, I knew that I have lost my wave-friend and trust me that that hurt me. 

Live when you have this beautiful healthy life, show and spread love, take initiatives to work things out with a friend, make time for your loved ones, kill all the grudges, have fun when you can, take trips and explore new places, but most importantly tell your family and friends that you love them. You never know what are your last words, do you?


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