Good day!

Last Sunday was such a nice day for me. A friend of mine got a pet dog and he is so cute, just like a little ball of fur. It’s a Shih Tzu breed. So anyway, we had a good time at her place, playing with this little one and it was nice meeting my friends too. A little puppy got us all back together. So right after that we went to restaurant and it all seemed like the good old times. It’s been nearly a year since we have graduated and it’s only instances like this that you realize so much can change in such a less time.

Everyone is busy with their own lives, so much has happened in their lives, they have met new people and lost few people. But what really stayed the same was the happiness and bond that we all share together. Each one of them is different than the other, when I say different, I mean poles apart different, yet they all feel like family. I have missed those weirdos, but I’ll try to stay in touch with all of them because each one of them means a lot to me. And when we all come together, we sure know how to have a good time.

And I just can’t get over the puppy!




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