Fake friend?

Sometimes I wish deleting people out of your life was as easy as deleting them from your social media. People walk in and out of your life as and when they want to. And when they walk out, especially the so called close friend, you realize that you were just another person in their life that they used when they had nobody else. At the end of it it’s just you who is the fool. I mean for me, I have protected and shielded and cared for this one person since college and what I get in return is shocks and surprises, something which I wasn’t expecting from that person.

But its okay, it’s all in the past. I have learnt my lessons. Now I know that I don’t have to accept that person back into my life, ever again. The damage has been done. For me, it’s not easy to open up to somebody, but I did, with this person. And now I realize that I shouldn’t have done that. Because it hurts, it hurts a lot when such a person backstabs you, lies to you blankly, judges you, gives you wrong advices, says things that just leave you stunned and walks out on you and replaces you like you actually was just another person.

How I wish I had a real delete button!



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