We don’t realize how things keep on changing, until one day when we look back and nothing is still the same. It was only yesterday that I was cleaning my external hard drive and I ended up glancing through folders consisting old photos. I looked so weird three years back! Anyway, those pictures made me realize that my college is actually over. I bumped across these screenshots of some crazy WhatsApp group chats, photos clicked during the lectures, post-lectures, Industrial Visits, night outs, sleepovers, birthdays, parties, projects and what not. I wish I could re-live those moments. Few things seemed impossible back then, but they turned out to be beautifully possible. Few friends seemed to be with you forever, but they turned out to be the ones to hurt you and leave. Few friends seemed to be like you would never talk to them after college, but they are still in touch with you.

Whenever it’s someone’s birthday, what we do it make a collage of our pictures and keep it as our WhatsApp Display Picture for the day. And when it was my birthday, everyone did the same. So what I did was, I took screenshots of those Display Pictures and the statuses that they kept for me and also the messages that they sent wishing me. Now when I opened the Birthday folder yesterday, I was so happy to re-collect all those memories. (Also some unexpected people kept pictures and statuses for me, which was kind of sweet). I wish I could go back in time and re-live those moments and also change a few moments.

Ah, the magic of photos!


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