Happy Birthday, Papa!

It was my Father’s 52nd birthday yesterday, on 10th January. If I am able to accomplish even half the things that he has, I would consider myself to be successful. He took up the responsibility of his family from a very young age, he gave up his youth and a great job to shoulder the burden of his father and make the ends meet for the family by looking after the family business. He then married my mother, which is the best thing that he has done. It was only when he was in his 40s that he had developed a slight interest towards astrology and took up classes for the same from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai, a renowned institute for the same. It was a five years course and he was an excellent student and a topper amongst his batch mates. After completing the course, he did his thesis in the same and he now holds a PhD degree in Astrology, Jyotish Visharad. As if this wasn’t enough, he took up another interest of his, Vaastu. And again, he excelled in it. It was only at the age of 50 that he decided to turn his hobby and interest into a full time business. Of course it was a big and bold step to take at 50, but why not? That made him happy and a wee bit stress-free and that reflected in the business. Today he is not only associated with a big name like Jiten Pyramids but he is also the President of the Rotary Club of Thane North. Also, the institute from where he acquired the knowledge of Astrology has now appointed him as a faculty professor, directly for the third year students. People love him for the person that he is. He is not only a great friend, but also a great guide, teacher and a father.
There is not one thing that he has denied to give me. Let my demand be big or small, he has always got the thing for me. Be it picking me up from my grandma’s place at 3am or a barbie doll every week or a new phone or clothes, he gave me everything. Other girls call up their boyfriends if they knew it would get late to reach home, I had my father to call, be it 11pm or midnight.
Everyone in the house listens to him and his decisions are final word, but me. I am a complete rebel. There was a time when we literally couldn’t agree to anything and we had grown apart. But I still remember that one day and that one message. My sister and I were having a day out and we were sitting in McDonalds when I received that message. Tears actually rolled down my cheeks when I read it, “If only you could see yourself from my eyes you would know what you mean to me.”
Today, people have trust in his name. They know that things are in good hands when they are associated with his name, Sundeep Arora. More than his work, it is his name that casts a magic spell. But yeah, even his work speaks for him. It takes years to build a name and he has invested well in that. He has built relations over all these years and you won’t find even one single person who doesn’t have anything good to say about him.

I know that no matter what, this one guy will never break my heart and will always be there for me.

Happy Birthday, Papa.


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