If only I could get’em back…

Today while I was taking my sister to the doctor’s clinic in the arcade opposite to my school, I noticed something different about the whole place. This arcade was like my second home, some few years back, say 5 years. After loitering around the arcade after school, even in the evenings we used to go there to hang out. That was like the coolest hangout spot for all of us back then. All the faces that I used to see were all familiar to me, I knew most of them, majority school crowd with other grown-ups who used to come there to unwind or buy some errands. But the point being, no matter at what time I used to go there, I knew most of the faces.

Today, when I went to the arcade, after quite a long time, I knew nobody. All the faces were new to me. I felt like an outsider at my own place. But the kids who were around knew the fellow kids. Times change, school batches change and with that changes the young crowd at the arcade. We just have memories of the place now. Because just 5 years back people used to connect by talking and interacting and not by clicking selfies for snapchat or instagram. Yeah, I didn’t have a great phone back then. God, I sound so old and ancient already! But the good thing was that the fruit stall from where I used to drink coconut water every single day after school, was still the same, and that uncle still recognized me. *happy tears*

How times just changed! Initially, boys from school used to flaunt their cycles while coming to school. Then everything just evolved. From cycles to Activa’s to bikes to shiny new cars, I don’t know what’s next, I always used to walk. Every other guy in town gets a car right after he gets out of the school, his father’s used car obviously. But the day they turn 18, they get their own toys as a birthday gift. Innocence and carefree playful days somehow got lost between this evolution. Whenever I go downstairs to the garden in my society for a walk or something, these kids actually pull out their mobile phones and huddle up in groups to listen to Eminem raps. While they do that, I am shouting at the top of my voice in my head, “You are supposed to play and run and get your knees scraped at this age! Throw away that phone!” I had actually interrupted their session once and had asked them to beat me in a running race. But they just gave me one look and got back to their stupid phones. This is so sad!

I miss the old school days!


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