Differently Amazing

So finally 2016 is here! Happy New Year, everyone!

This year started off with a house party at a friend’s farmhouse in Neral. It was a bit different than the 31st’s that I am used to. The farmhouse was surrounded by nature, mountains, trees, stars, snakes, animals, what not. We have grown so used to the city life that it was kind of hard to not see the sparkly city life when the night began to draw it. All we could see were the stars and the slightly orange moon at midnight. Strangely and sadly, the first thing that we did on reaching the farmhouse was checked our phone networks. At one point, instead of taking in the beauty of our surrounding or interacting much, we all had our phones in our hand. But of course we corrected this the moment we realized what we were doing.

That was the first time that I had gavti chicken (typical village-styled chicken dish). Yes, it was tasty. The whole scenery was very beautiful; it looked as if it was pulled out of a novel’s scenery description. It was after ages that I could see so many stars shining brightly in the sky, a perfect starry blanket. With the city lights, towers and buildings and pollution, it is so hard to see stars here. I missed seeing the firecrackers at midnight and dancing all night long but I was in a happy space with my people around me. This New Years Eve, more than being happy about the party, I was really determined and ready to take on this year with some positivity and hard-work. No, it’s not a resolution, but I’ll make this happen. I’ll write my own story and be the hero. I can do it and I will do it.

It was definitely a night to remember. Happy 2016!

PS: I also got a cute Baggit clutch as a New Years Gift! Yay!



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