Adios 2015!

2015 has been such a great year for me. I have learnt so much, let off all the negative people from my life, learnt a few lessons, got to meet so many new people, a beautiful thing happened to me that is going to be with me forever and what not. There was a time when nothing was happening according to my plan, nothing, then I relied on my back-up plan but again things didn’t work out. I was heartbroken and scared. But then I am glad that things didn’t work out for me, maybe that was the best thing to happen. Because if I would’ve got admission elsewhere, I wouldn’t have got the opportunity to learn Tarot Cards Reading. Now I am planning to kick start my career as a Tarot Card Reader. I also developed interest towards cooking and how I just love cooking or baking new dishes now!

My life could’ve been a havoc right now, but thanks to this one person who supported me throughout, helped put some sense into me, made me smile, helped solve my crying problem, loved me unconditionally, went against all odds just to be with me, and I love this person to bits.

I graduated in this year, went for my last college trip, understood that I actually have a very small friend circle but a trustworthy circle that does not include the name-sake or fake friends, started caring more for my family, grew apart from my sister because of some third person (she will be normal…soon), indulged in yoga for some peace of mind and ended up loving it, got an iPhone6 as a birthday gift, had a beautiful and happy birthday with my people, road trips, luxurious getaways, celebrated my parents 25th  Wedding Anniversary at Sayaji Hotel in Indore, ran for endless interviews, picked up a job, left the job, made up my mind to start something of my own and not work under any third person.

I am still feeling that I am missing out a lot of things to write but never the less it has been a great-great year for me. Mostly because it just passed away too quickly.

I am going to welcome the new years by celebrating the New Years Eve at a friend’s farmhouse with a few close friends and I am sure it’s going to be a great and fun night and I am looking forward to 2016, its going to be a memorable and hard-working year.

So here’s my last post for the year 2015, I’ll see you guys next year. Till then, I wish you all a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year, let there be more of positivity, kindness, love and happiness, health and wealth. Be good, do good.


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