Find your own way

I have been off writing for a while now but I swear I was writing in my head all-day every day. But on a serious note, just like any other fresh graduate I was also busy experimenting and experiencing what life has in store for me. I was looking out for all the options that are available for me right now. And I swear to God that school and college life is so much better than this, this real world with selfish and mean people who are ready to step on you to reach their goals. My dad was right when he used to say that ‘the real world isn’t how you think it is. It is very different than your leisurely college life.’ And to this I used to think that ‘oh please! Stop exaggerating; my college life isn’t exactly leisurely. How can the never ending projects, hectic exams and attending lectures just for the sake of attendance be leisure?’  But now when I think of it, that was heaven.

I have tried my hand at a mainstream job and I have come to a conclusion that it isn’t my cup of tea. Even while working at that place I had these freelancing jobs with me which caught my interest to a great extent. So I decided to let that workplace negativity go and work on my terms at home, that’s when I decided that freelancing is what I want to do.

But right when my plan was falling into place, another plan popped up, I wanted to do something of my own, be my own boss. But then what was holding me back was ‘What would be the reaction of others to this?’

Normal/Mainstream person: Hey, I am working at XYZ company/ I am a doctor / I am an engineer / I am a teacher.

Me: Hey, I am just 21 years old but I am starting something of my own, I will guide people with the possibilities of what might happen in the future so that they are better prepared or can take actions for the same from now itself.

But after putting some serious thought into the situation I came to the conclusion that to hell with my mind assumptions and the society. It is my life and it all depends upon me on how I want to shape it and how much time do I want to waste behind all these calculations and thinking. No matter how good you are to people, at the end of the day they are going to talk behind your back, that’s their job. So why not just do whatever you want to do? Cut out every single bit of negativity from your life. Don’t even hesitate once to throw away any kind of negativity, be it an object or a person. If anything affects you negatively even minutely, you know what to do, throw it away. But do what you want to do, without thinking about others. Each single day that you waste behind thinking so much is equal to wasting that one useful day. We don’t even realise but we end up wasting day after day behind these useless thoughts. Do something productive everyday so that you can go to sleep being satisfied. Make each day count.


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