Smile Please!

A smile is the purest and easiest way to portray oneself. Even the shabbiest of shabby person can look warm with just a smile. No one likes a grumpy person, do they? The other day I was late to reach some place and to add to it even the bus was leaving from the depot; I just thought of trying my luck and wave my hand to ask the driver to stop. To my surprise, he did halt the bus and instead of shouting at me, he smiled and said, “Try to reach early tomorrow”. His smile was so genuine that I couldn’t help but smile back. Till the time we reached the railway station, he had the smile throughout and unlike the usual bus drivers he was very polite to others. It is only such happy faces that you remember.

Smile can set everything straight. Want to get out of an argument? Smile! Want to initiate a conversation? Smile! Others are conversing around you and you simply don’t know what to do? Smile, it’s the best savior one can have! People like seeing happy faces. Even you like it, right? So smile more often. Obviously smile won’t solve your problems but at least it will help lessen the impact. Face your problems with a smile on your face and see your problems disappear.



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