A picture can bring back a thousand memories. But sometimes, when you look at those pictures, you wonder why you did that. Sometimes just looking through the pictures, you feel the pain that you felt back then, it stings in your heart, your eyes well up and you feel sorry for yourself, for what you made yourself go through.

You look back in time and think that none of it was necessary; you could’ve saved yourself some trouble. If only you could go back in time and handle a particular situation a bit differently then things would’ve been so different right now. Even the happy pictures don’t make you happy now, in fact they make you cry now, thinking about those times when you were a big fool, or rather you were fooled.

No one has the right to treat you badly. I wish I would’ve stood up for myself. Never trust anyone too much; you might end up hurting yourself. Never let anyone tell you what you are worth of and what you aren’t. Never rush into things. Never do something for which you have to convince yourself to do it. Never do anything if you don’t want to do it. and it’s never too late to make things right.

Does it happen with you that you go through a few pictures and all you can feel is stingy feeling in your heart? That even a happy picture can make you cry? But those aren’t the tears of missing those moments, but they are tears of pain, the pain that that time gave you, every other day. Now I wish that I wouldn’t have given so many chances. Because it turned out that I was giving chances to the other person to hurt me over and over again.

Looking at a few pictures, I don’t notice the people in it, but I notice the car around them. A car that now has the power to send shiver down my spine that makes me remember something. Where I was crying my eyes out and screaming to let me go but I wasn’t allowed to go. I wasn’t allowed to go because a strong grip had held my hand and was twisting it. I could feel the pain inside. When the grip was lost, I could see the redness and the finger marks too. I held my hand and I cried more. Cried to let me go. But I wasn’t allowed. I tried contacting someone for help, but the moment I grabbed the phone, I was hit on my thigh. Not just once, but twice. I pushed my back towards the door to get some distance, but that didn’t help. I heard all sorts of abuses, anger can be very unreasonable and someone else has to go through the pain then. I shouldn’t have tolerated any of this. I don’t deserve that. No one deserves to be treated this way.

If anything isn’t making you happy, delete it out of your life. All it takes is one single push of a button – Delete. And everything is flushed out of your life. You can not only delete the memories but also the person out of your life. Delete – and all the pictorial memories will be gone forever. Just 1 finger and 1 button and there goes the 2 years of your life. Bye bye, pain and tears.


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