Ohh Womaniya!

Time heals everything. It also makes you miss the memories that you have created over a couple of years. I have had some of the best days of my life over the last 3 years. I have learnt so much, I have been backstabbed, I have been loved and cared for, there were people who were good to me and then there were some who just faked being good to me. I have learnt a lot.

I have done all sorts of crazy stuff with this girl gang of mine. I knew I was important to them, they made me feel that. I knew they always had my back. Of course there were situations and moments that made us go against each other, but deep down there are no hard feelings for each other. I still love them genuinely and miss each and everything about them, even their annoying habits.

It was with them that I had my first sleepover, my first night out, my first sneaking out of the house, my first alcohol session, my first bunking of lecture, my first group project, my first roaming around the city with them, my first fresher’s party, well basically most of my firsts. We have our own little secrets that have never left the group even after the group broke up. We have had our moments of tears, happiness, fun, craziness, sadness, and what not. There is absolutely nothing that we haven’t done together, nothing that we haven’t spoken about/discussed in detail. We have gone out for lunches, dinners, celebrated our birthdays together, bought gifts and above all we have been there for each other. 

I miss each one of them. They have all been individually connected to me at some level or the other. One taught me to be crazy and just enjoy the moment and made me do completely crazy stuff under the name of YOLO. The other drama queen whose babysitter I was for most of the times was my dance partner throughout. The ever jumpy photographer friend, we never really connected at first, but eventually we got along well. Then there was this other friend who looked after us like a typical mother, literally. Then there was a friend who seemed more like an elder sister to me, she was always concerned about me. In the third year of college, when I thought that I would be alone in a different class because majority of them chose the other specialization, I grew close to this self obsessed girl. Then there was also this one girl who always got her earphones along to every sleepover. One of them was a very talkative person, again literally! The other one always gave us dating and sex tips. Another one was a complete patriotic at heart and did things her way no matter what others said about her. And last but not the least, I found my best friend in this group, who will be there with me always, no matter what.

I am going to miss them all so much. We have so many memories together. I wouldn’t trade them for anyone. And also I don’t want them to change even one single thing about them. They are the best exactly the way they are. I am seriously looking forward to the day or night when we all would meet again, just like the old days, catching up on life, sharing our little secrets and promising to keep them safe.

What happens in the group stays in the group, forever.

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