Buckle up for the sale!

The end of season sale is here, and with that the long queues for shopping is also here. The billing counter consumes more of your time than the trail room queues. I don’t have the patience to stand in those slow and long queues, I prefer sitting somewhere nearby, while my sister stands in those queues. 
There were different kinds of people around me and it was fun watching them. There was this guy who was calling his wife by shouting her name at the top of his voice and yes, he was doing this while roaming around in the whole store. God knows where his wife was, but he surely got everybody’s attention. 

This woman standing in the billing queue was checking the price of the tops that she was about to buy. But after seeing that even after discount they were a bit costly, she picked up two tops and asked her husband to pick one out of the two. His husbands face clearly reflected that he had no idea about the tops. He randomly picked one, on which his wife said she wasn’t sure about the chosen ones pattern. (Why do women even ask their husbands about clothes if they already know what they want and want to choose the other option anyway!). The poor guy then sheepishly pointed towards the other one. And she gave him a very sour look at that and got mad at him for being confused. Come on woman, give the poor guy a break, it was you who didn’t value his opinion. 
I then saw this young couple who were pregnant and happy. They were looking at these little socks for their baby and having their moment, smiling at each other. 
And some people just don’t have the sense of judgement or zone. They just walk into other people or dash them aside even though there is no space for another person around there. 
As for me, I returned home with just 1 shopping bag. Nothing seemed good enough. And I also returned home with an headache, tired legs and backache. 
Nevertheless, Happy Shopping!


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