It’s Okay

You know one of those days when you are feeling really low about something and all you need is a tub of ice-cream to vent out, probably? And then do you know what we really want? We want our family and friends to tell us, “It’s okay”. Why do we need this? When we know that obviously everything is going to fall into place and everything happens for a reason. Then why do we need this ‘it’s okay’?

No situation is really bad. Only you can make it worse, if you don’t do anything about it and sit there cribbing about the spots in which life puts you. Nothing is the end of the world. Always keep in mind if one door closes, there definitely is a window open somewhere for you. All you need to do is find that window. Take it this way, not every open door is meant for you. There’ll be thousands of different opportunities coming your way, just be quick enough to grab yours.

And when you feel stagnant and can’t go through a situation, just remember, ‘IT’S OKAY’!


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