Joy right across my balcony

I generally don’t like babies, but there is this really cute and small baby that lives in the building opposite mine. Yeah, I know it’s not good to look into people’s houses, but it’s just right across there and I can’t really help. Anyway, the point being, that little fellow is so cute. I was just using my computer when I just looked outside the balcony and saw this guy spread an exercise mat on the floor. So I just thought to wait and watch what kind of exercise he does and he lied down to do some crunches. At first the little fellow got confused as to what his father was doing and he started running around him to figure it out. He was trying to hold his father when his back was touching back on the floor. I thought that father might shoo him away or call his wife or something, but instead he took him in his arms and did his crunches. That was so cute. I could hear the baby giggle. After that his father let him down and started with his pushups, the baby again ran around him to figure it out and to my surprise he lied down besides his father and attempted to do pushups too. And they are still exercising together, or the baby is just copying his father.

I actually had a big smile on my face when I saw this. I just found it cute. The father could have simply shooed him away but instead he made the most of this moment. Simple joys in life are priceless.


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