Re-live it!

With the coming in of all new kind of technology and gadgets, life has changed over the past couple of years. I feel sad when kids don’t go out and play these days. I see school going children huddled up in the play ground and instead of deciding a game to play, they share songs via Bluetooth. I mean, c’mon they should be playing, like some real game. Playing fifa or staying glued to the play station all the time isn’t fun. Playing hide and seek is fun, cricket and football and hobby classes is fun, getting treated with video game after you have done something good is fun, once in a while Mario, Tetris, Contra, Circus and Super Tank is fun.

I miss my childhood, carefree days. When staying at home was a big no-no during summer vacations. And it’s funny that summer vacations are going on right now, but I don’t see that excitement in the kids in my society. They aren’t very excited about cleaning their bicycles’ and riding all day long. I feel sad that that’s what I want to do right now, but even I can’t. Why? Because I have grown up? Then no, I don’t want to grow up. I don’t want to chase my dreams and goals already. I want to play and enjoy. I want to show these kids that how it is to actually enjoy your summer vacations and make the most of it. School years aren’t to talk about break ups and patch ups (yes, that’s what they talk about with mobile phones in their hands)

I want to relive those days, where you could flaunt your scars and tell great stories about how you got them. Unlike how it’s now, where people try to cover up all sorts of scars. It’s okay to be damaged. Everything has a story behind it. Find out about that. Don’t let the child inside you die with all the technology and fast paced world. Once in a while keep doing things that you loved to do as a child, even if it’s running like a maniac. Just do it! Just live. You don’t have to shape yourself according to the world all the time. Just be happy and do things your way. Don’t hesitate or don’t even give a second thought to anything that you love. Things will be much sorted this way.

Okay so I gotta go now, I have to pull out my old roller skates.


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