‘The End’ is right around the corner

It was my last day in this college where I have been studying from the past 3 years. My exams are about to commence in just 2 days and right after that we’ll be having our farewell.

For some reason, I am just not ready for the farewell. I am not able to agree to the fact that I won’t be coming to this college any longer. I won’t be able to see my friends every single day. Things are going to end. And I can do nothing about it but accept it. It doesn’t even feel like we’ll be out of college already.

I won’t be walking down these corridors again. I won’t be wasting my time enjoying carelessly but with all my heart with my friends, outside the college. I won’t be bunking lectures anymore. I won’t be having sudden movie plans or lunch plans too. There won’t be much drama in life for a bit.

I have seen and experienced so much in these 3 years. I remember when I had got admission in this college, I wasn’t very happy about it. I so wanted to change my college from the next academic year. But fate stopped me from doing so. I was stuck here. But now when I think of it, I am glad that I was stuck here. I wouldn’t have met such amazing people otherwise. Those people who have an important part in my life now. Without them, surviving here amidst all the drama would have been difficult. These people have not only made my college life a one to remember, but also a journey that was so beautiful and fun and exciting that it made me forget all my worries.

My professors have always made sure that I don’t get too carried away with the college life and they helped me stay on track. They have been kind enough towards me that no matter what time of day it is, they have always been there for me to help me out. We have had some really good professors.

I would also miss the college canteen so much, especially the watermelon juice and the veg. cutlet. Most of the last days here, I have spent it in the library. A place that now has so many memories to cherish.

For the third year, we had to choose between Advertising and Journalism for our specialization. And when majority of my friends chose Advertising, I chose Journalism. At first I had thought that I would feel lonely being in a class with just 9 students and those were the people that I wasn’t very close to since the first 2 years. But to many surprise, my year with Journalism class has been very comfortable. We somehow found our ways to communicate well and get along.

I will miss our college fest and all the extra-college hours that we have put into making it a grand success – Dimensions. I will miss painting posters for the same. The madness that those two hectic days brought with them will also be missed. Running around the college, killing time by watching guys play football in the ground, using mobile phones during lectures, sitting on the first bench and sleeping in front of the professor in a matter of 2 minutes, sharing lunch boxes, sharing notes and studying for the exams, the group projects, last minute changes, presentations, constant whatsapp messages during the exam days, planning birthday surprises for our friends, also getting surprised on your birthday, night-outs, sleepovers, endless phone calls, life advices, relationship dramas, freshers party, college plays, industrial visits, drinking together, crying and laughing together, standing for each other, and what not, will all be missed so much.

This college has certainly made me grow. This college has given me a platform and it has also boosted my confidence to belly dance in front of a packed auditorium. It has helped me shape my personality. Over the time, random people have walked into me just to tell me that they loved my performance. Teachers from other streams know me because of my dance.

Though everyone will just be a phone call away, this farewell has gripped me tightly. I am not ready for it. I am not ready for leaving it behind. But such is life. My mom just walked inside the room now and sensed something is bothering me, without even asking me about it, she just said, “It’s a part and parcel of life. Its okay, your friends who matter to you will still be in your life, always there for you.”

Some bonds grew stronger here, and some got lost. But I will always remember the people who were true to me and were always there for me and also those who weren’t there for me. I have had my ride on this rollercoaster journey. A journey that was so excellent that it can never be forgotten.



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