Danger Ahead!

I know there is a trench right in front of me, waiting for me. It’s waiting for me to fall into it. There is a definite end to this road. A dead end so to say. The barriers are already put up. Signs of ‘Road ends’ are quite visible now. If I want to get to the other side of this road, then I have no other option but to fall into this trench and then go ahead. I just cannot jump over it.

But somewhere down I am ready to fall into this trench. The journey towards this trench is very beautiful and the roads even more. I don’t want to miss out on this trench. Just for this road I am ready for the bruises this fall is going to give me. It already pricks me in the foot while walking through this road, but I don’t want to miss it. I am ready for the fall, for the hurt. But I am glad that I walked through this road and didn’t take another route. This has been a very pleasant journey.



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