The last chocolate

With this I finish the last chocolate from the packet of Hershey’s Kisses. All good things come to an end, so did this. Just like the chocolates, certain things have also ended. Those things which I wasn’t expecting to end already. I gave hundreds of chances for that thing, hoping it would turn out to be the way I had thought, the way I had painted it in my head. But you can’t have control over everything. Still some things will always be there in my memories, things that I can’t let go of.

‘A picture can speak a thousand words’. And a picture can also open the doors of many beautiful locked memories. Just a single picture from the old times and it has pushed me back into that zone.

I can never forget that whole hearted smile. The smile that made me smile without any efforts. For the first time it had happened to me that when i saw him laughing over a silly thing of mine, I prayed. I  prayed that his smile should never fade away. And now I am the reason he is in pain. I can never thank him enough for the care and concern that he had for me. His care was clearly visible when he had turned up under my balcony just because I was sick. And also when I had to rush to the hospital at 3 in the night and he drove his way there too, just to make sure I am okay.

He always lent me a patient ear when I vented out about anything and everything. Though it backfired at me, it’s fine. He called me a champion when I felt just the opposite. He smiled even if I spoilt his sleep just because I had had a nightmare. The first and the last text message of my day was always to him.

A great friend I must say. Never confronted an old friend for me. Never stood up for me. In fact made a fool out of me for that old friend. Yeah, friendship has stronger bonds. I know this post is never going to reach to him because he will never open my blog. Actually he never really took the pains or rather efforts or even interest to read my words. There has been ups and downs, but such is life. You have to make a decision, take a stand. So did I. I chose to be happy, to escape the tears and the pain and the lies. You can take a horse to a pond but you cannot force him to drink the water. Same way, you can show your loyalty to a person but you cannot force that person to trust you. I tried giving in my all, but when everytime that went down the drain, I figured that it’s high time now. I had to stop. Even if that meant more pain. All the abuses – verbal, mental and also physical, are over. Everything is over now, the good and the bad.

Now, even if I feel like calling him, I won’t. Even if I miss him, I won’t let him know. He doesn’t deserve to know that. No matter how much this hurts, he has no right to be there for me now. But I will always remember the good times and smile about every good moment that we shared.
No regrets.

She will be loved? Now you’re just somebody that I used to know…


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