Life is Beautiful

We always crib about everything that goes wrong in our lives, don’t we? We crib about materialistic lifestyle, ups and downs, friends, exams, stress, comfort and what not. We often forget how petty these issues are.

There are people out there dealing with actual problems yet they don’t show it on their face. There is absolutely no sign of pain or unhappiness on their face.

I just came across the blog of an acquaintance. And it has left me speechless. It was only after reading his work that I got to know how much he has been through in life. When I met him, I had not even predicted this to be his story. He seems to be a fun-loving person, full of life, always trying to make people laugh with his lame jokes (even FaceBook clearly shows that). But his blog truly reflected his emotions. I was running out on words when I had to tell him that I read his blog. He lost his mother because of cancer.

There are people who put on a happy face to hide away their pain and tribulations. And we on the other hand blubber about every little thing.

It’s a short life, even though it seems to be a long one. Enjoy it with the people you have in your life. Don’t miss out on opportunities to tell others how much you love them and what they mean to you. Make others happy, you never know what their story is. Life has its ways to shuffle everything almost instantly. You never know how it may have an effect on you. So love and appreciate what you have. Realize the value of everything and everyone before you lose them. Be happy and spread happiness.


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