The Unsinkable (Friend)Ship

Sometimes some people come in your life for a very short time, a time that feels like infinity. They come in your life just to teach you how to be happy. They teach you how to be a better person. Even though after a certain point they stop and leave, even you know that they’ll always be around looking after you. Consider yourself lucky enough to have such people in your life. Who be in your life for no personal motives, who makes you happy, who makes you realize your worth, who motivates you, who lets you be yourself and do all the stupid things, who watches over you, who gives you their time, who makes you a better person, who teaches you how to have control over few things and how to be careless about a few.

After a few days they would just leave you and go. But they will leave so much behind. Nobody said that it would be easy, but no one said that it would be this difficult. Letting go is not at all easy. Especially then when you don’t want to let it go.

I had thought that it wouldn’t hurt to let go because I knew how the end was going to be.  I was well prepared for that. But somehow it hurts a bit, to let go of such a beautiful person who unintentionally and unknowingly taught you so much. I will always remember and cherish this person. Never had I thought 3 years ago that fate will turn out to be this way. But fate has its mysterious ways. This person made me believe in words again, made me fall in love with words again, made me listen to the lyrics closely rather than the music. But most importantly this person made me realize what I truly deserve, what I am worth of. Every place where we have been together will remain special to me, always. I feel happy and beautiful just because of this person. This connection will always be missed.

Love comes in various forms. And I fell in love with this person because of the millions things he never knew he was doing for me. He observed me as though I was his muse. And even in such a short span of time, I got to know so much about him with just this observing technique of his. This person came into my life like an angel in disguise, always making sure that I am okay, that I am happy, that I speak my heart out and don’t build things up inside me. Talking to this person is so very easy. It’s actually like just talking things out with your eyes closed. This person taught me how to be calm and focus, which is surely helping right now. This person taught me how to love myself first, how to let go of everything that is negatively affecting me and pulling me down. He taught me to live in the moment and seize it. He had just one motif: to spread a smile on my face.

I will never ever forget this person. He will always be there in my memories. And now I know whom to call first after I have baby someday (IF), as he is going to be the godfather. And there will always be those few songs and movies that will immediately pop his name inside my head and heart.

I never knew saying goodbye would get this difficult. But all good things come to an end. So did this. For some reason I am happy that it was short and sweet, as it never gave me the chance to hurt that person. The amount of time that we were together cannot define the bond that we share. Just like an orange moon, rare and beautiful.

‘She could not make sense of the things that were meant for her, but she was drawn to it all. And when she was alone, she felt like the moon: terrified of the sky, but completely in love with the way it held the stars.’

And at whatever time of life that person comes across this blog post, I just want to tell him one thing,

Hi 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Unsinkable (Friend)Ship

  1. Lionheart

    As I scroll down your blog, I find myself somwhere in there. Losing or letting go of such a friend needs a lot of nerve. Beautifully executed! (Y)

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