New chapter!

Lately I have been a bit gloomy (ok, very gloomy) about everything. And I know I am late, but yes, I have realised that I need to get out this phase. I don’t want to crib about things anymore.

You will get nothing by over thinking about every situation, possibility, problem or solution. Instead try living it. Seize the moment. You will never get this present moment ever again. Don’t think much. Don’t use your brain much. Just follow your heart.

From now on, I will try to not think more and get away from everything that doesn’t make me happy. And I will do more of what actually makes me happy. I will first learn to love myself before anyone else. I will be healthy and clean. You only have one life, live it to the fullest without any regrets. Seize all the opportunities that come your way, or simply create opportunities for yourself.

Live. Laugh. Love.


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