Move on!

There is more to life than just love. And there is more to love than just from that one person. It is absolutely okay to think for yourself and take a few decisions. It is always better to walk off from the things that didn’t make you happy anymore, even after trying very hard. Even after trusting a person, if that person puts in no trust in you, then it’s okay to walk off. Better late than never. Don’t let anything hold you back. Everything happens for a reason. At the end of the day what really matters is that you go to bed with a smile on your face, satisfied with life.

The good memories will haunt you for a while. But the bad memories will help you sail through. Moving on gets difficult when everything that you see around reminds you of that one person. But keep reminding yourself that overcoming the pain for a few days will only give you good days later. Move on, such is life! Don’t let anybody make you lose your shine!


3 thoughts on “Move on!

  1. Love hurts! True that! And It is difficult to move on and get over a few ppl. But the remedy doesnt lie in requesting your heart to be happy! That inturn is nothing but to ask for the same sympathy and invite another shit.
    Trust me as a stranger though, Start loving yourself and you’l be happy, Go shop yourself a dazzling gown or the sexiest pair of shoe and you’l be happy, Buy your mommy a 5 star while returning home and you’l be happy, Try a new hair style that you love and not him and you’l be happy, Engage yorself in something new nd trust me you’l be happy. Change your look so that you dont remember that past of your own self and it works. But dont let anyone else get over you with that same old tricky sympathies, cuz this is the time prone enough to make you fall for disasters.
    Start Loving Yourself nd you’l be a Gem of a Person in and around Yourself! :

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