Oops, I can’t see you

Only those who are below you can pull you down. Don’t let their negativity or jealousy affect you. The simplest way to retort is – ‘ignorance’. As the old saying goes, Ignorance is Bliss. Ignorance is like a tight slap right across their face. Yet there a few people, few annoying and determined people who deserve a bit more. They are those people who have no other work in their shallow life but to sit and plot how they’ll devastate your life. They are such low creatures that they can’t even stoop any lower. THAT is their level. For such filthy cowards, the next step that you can take after ignoring them is – non-existence. Be a bit of Gandhiji. Just walk past them. Don’t just assume that they don’t exist for you, but incorporate it. I am sorry, who was I talking about? See? It’s that easy.

Don’t let filth distress you. They talk about you just because you are superior to them, and you have those people in your life which they wish they had.


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