No one actually cares!

It is the harsh truth. No one actually gives a damn. What’s the point of anything if you don’t have the right people around you to be happy! You are okay when you are out and distracted, but the moment you be alone, bam, blueness strikes again. There is no point in sharing your pains or difficulties with anyone, I mean what would anyone do by knowing your problems? They already have their own set of problems to deal with and of course some people are always glad that you have problems in your life. Just talking and sharing about your problems won’t solve them, would they? Why does it happen then when you know you are happy yet you know you aren’t content?

All you want to do is sit alone or lie down alone in the dark and just be. And it is then when tears roll down your eyes yet you aren’t crying. You have reasons to be happy yet you aren’t. You have great friends who try their best to comfort you yet you feel nothing. Feels dead inside. Of course this is just a temporary phase but yes it does exist. And when this phase strikes you know nothing.

One day they make you feel special, and the next day they term it as a mistake or distraction. One day they want you and the next day they curse the day they met you. Am I that bad? Have I done something that evil? Do I deserve this? Am I even good enough?

Sorry for typing crap but I just needed to pour my heart out and get things out of my head.


7 thoughts on “No one actually cares!

      • but they are still YOU Juhi, and its fair to say…I love reading it ALL πŸ™‚ You seem like such an adorable girl yourself πŸ™‚
        I’m not searching for a refined Juhi, I’m always looking for the ORIGINAL and UNEDITED versions πŸ˜‰

      • Okay..I won’t dig deeper πŸ™‚ I have got a fair indication on what Juhi is…kinda πŸ™‚ So lovely to come across your blog. Hope to read so much more from you, u have the talent and the language. Maybe someday when you write your own novel you could send me a complimentary copy πŸ™‚
        – Savio

      • Hehe thank you for not digging in deep! I am glad that you liked my blog and that has kind of motivated me to write even more. Doesn’t it feel great when people you don’t even know appreciate you for something? Thanks.
        And the novel thing, sure thing. You’ll definitely pop into my head at that time.
        BTW, how did you guess that I wanted to write my own novel?

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