Freeze the moment

She doesn’t know whether it’s right or wrong. But she knows that she likes it. A single moment felt like a long time and yet a few hours felt like just a few minutes. Talking and eye contact made more sense then. What took her by surprise was when he wrapped his arm around her. She felt good and protected and felt like he cares. As time passed by, things got more honest and genuine. Never had she thought that it would turn out to be this way. Their hands touched and it felt different. Playful shy fingers found their way to stay in touch, when he just held her hand tightly making her look at him. They were as honest as they could be, yet this moment confused her as she didn’t have the answers to her questions. And out of nowhere their fingers intertwined.
As if this wasn’t enough, he touched her face with just a finger. A finger that sent a shiver down her spine. His finger traced her face and slowly brushed the corner of her lips. Then he touched her lips. It was exactly the point where things could take a different turn and complicate everything. But he was caring and decent enough to stop. Stop and leave.

Things still seem to be a bit vague. ‘What if’, ‘only if they could’, ‘they would’ve?’
Were things surfacing literally? Or was it just another incident? Too many thoughts, no answer.


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