Foundation to a strong story

Excess of anything is bad. Be it anything. As far as relationships are concerned, being too over possessive won’t do any good. In my opinion, if you try to control your partners life too much, you might even lose them. The foremost thing that is essential for a good relationship is trust. It’s like the base of building. A building is said to be strong only if it’s base is strong. Without a strong base the building will collapse.

Not every relationship turns out be a cake walk. It has it’s ups and downs. But what matters in the end is that you come out strong, happy and together out of it. If time and again for a prolonged period of time, your relationship doesn’t make you happy and just gives you tears and unnecessary stress, that is the point when you have to put your head up and walk out. This is nothing but the hard truth. Often it happens that the whole situation gets heat up. The only sane solution here is one of them must keep their calm first. Then try talking it out. But you need to believe and trust your partner. After a certain time everybody starts taking their partner for granted. But that shouldn’t be done. Infact try and be like the way you were with your partner before getting into the relationship.

We get into a relationship because we find someone outside our family who loves us, cares for us, wants to see us happy and you want to be with that person. So respect this thought atleast and be good to your partner because YOU are their happy place.

Live. Love. Laugh. Trust. Together.


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