Smile please.

Smile is a curve that can set everything straight. Take the time to smile at someone, and before you are through, someone will be smiling back at you. You wake up and smile and I can assure you that your day will be full of smiles. Don’t we all love to see smiling faces? So why not smile and be the smiling face for others? Even a sheepish smile during an argument with a loved one can melt the anger away (don’t try it with your boss, chances of being fired are more likely). The smile of a baby, a broken smile, gap toothed smile, full smile, shy smile, mischievous smile, lovable smile, pressed lip smile, forceful smile, be it any smile, it just lightens up the entire place. At times, when anger, power and orders fail, a smile can make it’s way through. Always smile, as if someone is clicking your candid photos, and it’s obvious that you want to look good. Anyone can wear a smile and look good. In fact, it’s the best accessory one can wear. Sometimes even a single smile can make you fall for a person. And whenever he smiles you genuinely pray to see him smiling forever.
Smile and spread smiles. Have a day full of smiles.  ^_^  🙂


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