My mind works against me at times. At times am the one saying that its bad to judge people and we should be kind towards everyone, as everyone is fighting a battle that we know nothing about. And at times, here I am, sitting ideally, looking at some people’s whatsapp status and tweets and forming a judgement for me. I think blankly how people can be so fake.
At times I want to forgive people and otherwise I like holding a grudge.
At times I love some people unconditionally and at times I just want to run away from them only.
At times I think about how am going to make my life and then I just keep on sulking about the existing situations.
At times I am extremely happy and at times all I want to do is be alone and cry myself to bed.
At times I like looking at myself in the mirror and at times I feel so ugly.
At times I feel so confident and other wise I just want to hide in a bill.
These contradictions just make you pull your hair. Going with the length of this word, it can even trouble your mind for that long. Such contradictions are driving me crazy.


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