Communication gap

Ever since Whatsapp and other social media have taken over us, communication between people has suffered to a great extent. Earlier when you could talk and understand the other person’s mood by their tone, text message has taken over now. Mindless chatting over n number of groups, being ‘online’, ‘last seen’, status, display picture, all these things have become the important things in our lives. And when this happens, you actually start fighting with people physically present around you.

Virtual life seems more interesting, fun and better than physical life. I just don’t want to live that life anymore. It was only last week when I deleted all the unnecessary chats lying in the history and taking up the space. But yesterday, I was just fed up, literally fed up of this social platform and so I decided to uninstall it. But to my surprise, my friends are now calling me and asking me, ‘how the hell are we supposed to contact you now? How will we talk?’ That’s kind of nice to know that my friends actually like talking to me, but these questions seem absurd to me. Obviously we can talk over the phone or meet in person. Just like old school.

I miss all that. I miss the times when our parents hadn’t given us a damn phone. Things were so much better then, less complicated, less issues, less fights, less drama, less of being a botheration in someone’s life. Whatsapp just screwed it all up. I might re-install it though but in a week or two, just for the sake of ‘being in contact’, but I won’t use it much. These 24 hours off it has given me time to think about stuffs, complete my pending work, connect and talk well with my family and what not.

My life is better off such things. And by the way something off topic: Never be a problem in somebody’s life. But never the less, don’t let anyone else tell you that you aren’t good enough.


One thought on “Communication gap

  1. Whatsapp and many of the other chat apps have screwed it for us. Tho’ I have it, I hardly use it…I can’t even understand how ppl can spend hours on it..the message, audio clips and videos…all people are doing is collecting…

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