You make life simple.

No matter how much outgoing or bold or self confident you are, you do need someone with whom you can share your heart out. And the best part about it is that you know, no matter what, that person won’t judge you. You can talk nonstop and complete nonsense with them and all your secrets remain secrets. There are also times when you need to get your stuff right and for that you need some serious brainstorming. But more than brainstorming, what you need is an eye-opener to reality. Someone who won’t give you false hopes or let you have unrealistic dreams. With them you can laugh around like a retarded seal or even have a dead serious conversation with ease.

It is very rare that you get such good people in your lives. But when you know you have found them, don’t let them go. Value them for being a part of your life. Don’t take them for granted. Cherish the time that you spend with them. Time just flies when you are around them. And silence also feels comfortable with such people. Such friends guide you for your good without any selfish motives. They pull you out of trouble and make your life worthwhile.

I feel that I am very lucky, to have such people in my life and have them as my best friends. These two people know me inside-out. Just by my voice and messages even, they get to know my mood and what is affecting me. They know when to give me time and when to just be there for me silently. I love them a lot and I feel grateful for having them in my life.

Ruchi and Mithilesh, this one was for these guys especially.


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