‘Face’ off!

Whenever we have had bad ‘face’ days, we always passed through them by saying ,’Am just growing up, my face will change in coming years.’

But now, when we have actually grown up, that reason won’t bring any peace to our minds. This is your face now. This is how you are going to look for the next few years or a decade atleast. This face will be the first thing that people will notice about you. And not just notice for the sake of it, but notice for judging you and forming an opinion about you. But like it’s very wisely said, ‘Don’t judge a book by it’s cover’. Our face is our cover here.

We have all been through a lot, a lot that has resulted in forming of our ‘cover’. And some tough times also gives you scars for a lifetime. Don’t let this pull you down. Infact show them off proudly. Like I always have a story to tell everytime someone asks me about the scar that the stitches gave me under my chin.

It kind of creeps me at times when I look at my reflection or even photographs for that matter, that is THIS the face that am going to live with? This is how I actually look? We always tend to look at our flaws more precisely.

But always remember to look at brighter side and love yourself for the face you are blessed with. Never let anybody tell you that you aren’t good enough.


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