Smile your way around.

Anger can never ever help anyone in anyway. Of course there are a few times when the situation really tests our patience, but you can overcome that situation not by taking support of your anger but by keeping calm. With anger you can throw your weight around and shout on people to get things done your way. But think about it, will that work really happen? No. Instead try conveying your message with a smile. This method might be slow, but the results are guaranteed. Always, always try to keep your calm in difficult situations, that way you won’t get disturbed and also the people around you. Because it also happens that you end up removing your anger on your loved ones. And they suffer unnecessarily.

It was only today when I went through a similar situation. I had to collect a document from my junior college, so I had been there. The staff wasn’t cooperative at all! I wish I could at least complaint about it to some higher authority though. Neither a polite smile nor anger helped me in any way here. But instead I ended up removing all my anger on my mother, which was really bad of me to do so. Even though I apologized later and she smiled, I know the damage has been done and she was very hurt by what I did. Today’s incident really made me think hard on this topic. I have been told several times to open my mouth and speak up sometimes in such situations. But I always choose the way of politeness, unintentionally. Even today when I was being told to not sit quietly and open my mouth, I wasn’t really in that favor. There was only one thing that kept on popping in my head that my father keeps on saying, always. That is, ‘There is absolutely nothing that can help you if you choose anger as your medium. Instead be polite and humble and things will fall in place the way you want them to. ‘ And he is right.


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