Mumbaikars have been waiting for a long time for rains, not because they love it  trust me they hate it after a few showers owing to the consequences. But they were still waiting for it as they needed something to beat the scorching heat. Summers were quite long this year. And very hot too. It was really sucking the life out of us. But do you know how do we know that full fledge monsoon has arrived here? No, not by the onset of the first drizzle. We have our own ways to figure it out. We know that Mumbai Monsoons are here when our local trains get delayed. When we are stuck on the roads, in the traffic for a long time. When we rush to buy umbrellas only after the first two to three showers. When the ride in a vehicle gets bumpy and is no less than a roller coaster ride. When just after a pleasant day with a shower or two, Mumbaikars either rush to Marine drive or Lonavala. It is never a monsoony monsoon until we walk in water cloggings, ankle to knee deep water on the roads, on the railway tracks. Monsoon brings with it not just the slimy insects but also the garam garam pakode. (Hot fried snacks) with chai (tea). It also brings with it the romantic air. From barren lands to lush green sights. Ah! How I love the Mumbai Monsoons!
Happy Monsoons! Stay wet and safe!
PS: Monsoon also brings the ‘end of season’ sale with it. So happy shopping too! ^_^


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