Cherish what you have!

It is almost always that we crib about things that we don’t have. But should we seriously do this? No. We should actually cherish and respect all that that we have. We should think of ourselves as lucky chaps, for there are many who don’t have what we have. Not even the basic necessities, let alone the wants.

It is on such days that reality strikes me and I think a bit logically and sensibly. We should consider ourselves to be blessed to have a great family and friends support. Don’t miss out on diamonds while collecting stones. Not everyone is blessed with love and care from all around. Cherish it! Don’t hurt your loved ones. At the end of the day it’s your family who is going to stand by you. So never ever do anything stupid that might give them pain.

I am thankful to have such people in my life, who love me to no bounds. My family and friends are my support system, my strength and my weakness.


By the way, yayy! With this post, I complete my 100 posts. Thank you so much everyone for liking and following my blog, you guys have been a great motivation. WordPress has been a great medium to channel my thoughts and voice. Thank you ^_^


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