Our Time.

‘Come on you guys, dance or move at least’, and they play ‘Every night in my dreams’ by ‘Celine Dion’ just to set the mood right. I looked at him only to find him already looking down to me. Already I was shy with the ‘couple attention’ and now he made me blush too. I raise my eyebrows at him as I know he isn’t very fond of dancing and he looks at me with a shy smile and a puppy face as he knows how much I love to dance. He already knew that I wanted to have this dance and his eyes clearly gave me the signal that he wouldn’t let me down. So there was no need for me to convince him hard. He was there already. He nodded in a different way and his ‘that’ smile found it’s place on his lips and he stepped forward towards me. I knew everyone was watching us as it was just the two of us in the circle. But all I could see was his face. A second or two felt like five minutes. But out of nowhere his one hand was on my waist pulling me delicately towards him and his other hand found the spaces between my fingers. I could not help myself but just look down and turn red. My heart was heavy and beating fanatically. I took the guts and placed my other hand on his strong shoulder and I dug my face right between his shoulder and neck. I hadn’t even realised when we started rocking to the music, it was more of he-making-me-move. My smile never faded, it just grew. I lifted my head to see him and he was looking down at me with the same smile. Our bodies were as if they were glued together whereas our nose was just inches away. That was a memorable moment. Suddenly I came out of the bubble and took notice of the people around us. ‘Awww’, ‘you guys’, ‘more close’ were the phrases that I could hear. We both turned red and looked down and just stopped moving and moved out from the circle’s center. He was looking at me from the other side of the room and our eyes did all the talking about the ‘dance’ that we just had and how much it meant to us. It was like those 3 minutes were meant for us. Just us. Our time.


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