No Smoking Zone!

I have friends and I know of many people that just can’t live without smoking, well they think so. But I think, if one is determined enough then he can achieve anything, even giving up smoking. Can’t people just quit smoking at least for the sake of people around them? Smoking does NO good to you. Mark my words. When I ask my friends that why do they smoke, the answer that I get is that, ‘It feels good/it makes me tension free.’ Come on! As if non-smokers don’t have any tensions in their lives. Give me a break! There are people who love you, a lot, and they want you to live longer. With every cigarette you are just cutting down your life span. And not only that but you are even harming your body while you are still alive. Your hair, Skin, teeth, odor, lungs, everything. You not only harm yourself by smoking but also harm every body around you. You stress them out to a great extent, you make them breath in the same air.

I have learnt a lesson, even after motivating someone time and again, and helping them to quit this harmful practice, they don’t give up, that means they are ready to choose this %*$^*^ thing over you. And it crosses your patience limit when they start lying to you about it. That’s exactly the moment when you realize your worth and place in their life.

So not for yourself, at least quit smoking for the people who love you. It’s for everybody out there.


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