My 20th birthday started off with a bang. It was nothing like the usual. My school friends came home to surprise me at midnight. And for the first time, the planned surprises worked and I didn’t know a single plan. Anyway, I couldn’t take up all the midnight calls as I was drenched in cake. From head to toe. Literally. All my friends know this that I hate anyone touching my hair and so I never let anybody touch even a single strand of mine. But, they took great chance of this opportunity and there was cake even in my hair. After they left, I asked my mother if I could go downstairs to meet a friend, and she allowed. So I met him. And even the short while was sweet. My day started off with getting ready and opening my bedroom door only to have my college friends jumping on me and landing straight on bed. Another surprise. They gifted me this really pretty summer dress and a purse. After this,I met him again, and he gifted me a woolen jacket and a sack bag which is made up of leather. Finally I made it home and wanted to spend my evening with my family. As the day part was so fast and busy that I didn’t really spend time with my family, which I like to. We went for a classy dinner and I really had a great time with them. And the day came to an end leaving me happy and content. A perfect day which was just mine with my people, though a few were missing.

And I am no longer a teenager.



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