We all are set in a race to make our lives perfect. To have perfect people in our lives. And even to date someone perfect. But is perfection is all that is needed? What would you prefer:
A tall guy or a guy whose heart is big enough to love you?
A guy with six packs and great physique or a guy who is strong enough to keep you safe and protected?
A guy who has a bank balance or a guy who can keep you happy?
Other things are materialistic in life. Yes, they do matter, but not as much as other things matter. Body, hair, height, money, is fine. But what’s really needed is love, care, concern, someone who can keep you happy, someone who knows you well, someone you can be yourself with, someone who is always there to listen to you. Someone you can be happy with, infront of whom you won’t have to think about your unwaxed legs, someone with whom you never fall short of topics, someone who respects you. Remember this, beauty is temporary whereas a heart of gold is forever. And when you have found that someone, even flaws seem perfect. No one is perfect. Not even you. So how can you judge someone? There is no question about deserving here. If it’s right, it’s right. Age weight, height are just numbers then. Being happy is what matters. And I am happy. *phew*


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