Mixed thoughts are encircling my mind. I don’t even know what’s the main thought stuck in my mind, but it’s just there. I have every reason to be happy about right now. And i am. But somewhere I just get lot in thinking. Thinking absolutely nothing and everything. When do you know it’s a right time for something? Do you get any signs or signals? Then I just think not to think anything at all and time will solve everything. But patience is what I am lacking. And just within a minute my mood has changed, right now. Right now I feel like punching the keyboard keys hard and remove all my frustration. I want to walk out of this room and grab something and just brake all the glasses or any delicate thing. But I wouldn’t do it. Ok, so smiling and getting over my thoughts is the solution.


2 thoughts on “Argh!

  1. I know how you feel. Lately, I have no control over my emotions. I don’t feel like I have any grasp on the changes that are happening in my life, and it takes the happiness right out of me. Just remember, you DO have some control. And only you can make yourself calmer in those situations. You’ve got this. Just breathe. ❤

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