My friends mean a lot to me. They stood by me when I needed someone. They were always there for me, just a call away. Be it any problem and they always have my back. I know I can count on them. No matter how they are or what they are doing in their lives, one thing I know for sure, this friendship means a lot. They are my shoulders when I need one to cry. These stupids can even make me smile while I am crying. They help me get over things ang get the pain out of me. They help me speak my heart out as I don’t tell anybody what I really feel. It is because of them that I have done every strange and weird thing in the name of YOLO, which I wouldn’t have done otherwise. And yes, all that did make me feel good and happy. Yes, my friends are weird and different. But they are mine. And no one can judge them. Our girls group on whatsapp, where we talk the strangest of strange things. No one can even guess what happens in a girls group. One thing I can count on is that these fools are going to be in my life for a long time. And I would be happy to have them forever. My girls. My group.


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