Spare a minute to read this.

Accidents, deaths, mishaps, they are just words to us until someone we know of faces them.

Four days ago, a friend posted a message on the group chat, ‘don’t call or text xyz as he has had an accident, a major accident and please pray for him.’ For a minute I couldn’t believe it. I thought it was some kind of a prank that these guys were playing. I quickly checked his last seen on whatsapp, and it was true. I tried asking his close friends and a good friend of mine who happens to be his sister; I got to know more about the accident.

He had just been gifted a new KTM bike by his parents. And with the craze of this new bike, he and one of his friends went for a nightout to Lonavala. While coming back home, they were testing the speed of the bike just for fun and were recording the time. While over taking a truck on their way, they hit the divider at the speed of 140. This happened at 5 in the morning. The other guy hit his head on the stone and his skull broke upon due to the impact. And he died on the spot. Luckily, xyz had his helmet on; otherwise he wouldn’t have been in the ICU now, but on his death bed.

The exhilaration for speed led to what? Swollen face with cuts and scars, cuts on the tongue, fractured wrists and hand, multiple fractures in the legs, bed rest for 5 months or more, tensions to family and friends, new bike sent to scrap, lifelong guilt of the other friend (he hasn’t been told yet that his friend died, he’ll be told about him only after he is out of danger, it is obvious that he’ll go into a shock or trauma), pain to the family of the friend who died, they lost a 20years old son over the night. Is the fun that’s for a little while worth it?

Yes, speed thrills, but remember it also kills. So everybody out there who are reading this, please drive carefully and be safe. You are not alone, there are many people connected to you. Think about it. Take care.


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