Make it count!


Right to vote, vote for right. I casted my vote for the first time today. And trust me, it felt good. When we have the power to use our votes for forming the government then why not use it? But some people, infact many don’t think alike. Their opinion is that nothing is ever going to change in our country. But let me remind you, change doesn’t come on its own, you need to bring a change. Our votes are like catalyst. It takes nothing but 10 minutes of your day. But people weren’t even willing to spend that much time for this deed. Now they don’t vote because they don’t have the time to, but they are only the ones who will be sitting and cribbing over the government for hours. This year, the youths are highly motivated to cast their vote and to make it count. And at every polling station you could see more of newbies. One improvement that was. But yet, this year had many errors, quite a few peoples name weren’t there in the electoral roll, because of which even if they wanted to vote, they couldn’t. All this led to just 52% votes in our area.
Let’s hope for a better government now. And yes I got inked for my country. Bring the change that’s needed.


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