Social Net-not-working!

These times have become such that our lives revolve around social networking sites. Not just the minute details of life but also friendship, relationship, professional life and family revolves around it. Any big or petite fight, news, happiness, and its first updated on a social networking site.

We have come to believe it this way that a person is very much committed in a relationship only after he/she makes it obvious on such a platform. Be it liking pictures and commenting on them on Facebook, or tweeting about your love, or uploading pictures on Instagram. And if a person doesn’t follow any of these, we think he/she is unsure of their feelings or isn’t proud enough of their partner to tell the whole world about them.

You go to a place, be it even a local area, the first thing to do is ‘check-in’ on Facebook. Saw a boy monkeying around in the train? Tweet about it. Click pictures of random, and not so delicious food and instagram it! And now Snapchat is the new viral disease.

Social networking isn’t bringing us close, but it’s further creating drifts between us. Yes, it has its pros but you cannot these cons too.(these are just the tip of the iceberg)


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