I am feeling helpless. Everything that kept me happy is falling out of place. Nothing seems right. Everything’s a mess. Yes, I want to be selfish, I want to be happy! And some way or the other all I know is that right now my happiness revolves around just a single person.

Ego, trust issues, misunderstandings, time, they just add fuel to the already burning fire. Someone once told me this beautiful thing that still has an impact on me and keeps coming to me every now and then. That was, ‘why worry about the future when we aren’t even sure about it? Why not just live the present and make it beautiful and happy? Afterall our future depends on our present.’

Things and situations and feelings can never be the same again. Because a heated argument spoils the complete story. People tend to say things that they mean or not in a bad manner. A manner that further leads to more complications. There is no way out of all this mess. And even if there is, it’s more complicated.


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