A sister is like a best friend at your own home! I have one too. We have been fighting a lot lately, a lot. And just while talking to a friend, I realised something. I told the friend that, ‘no one can know good and bad for me more than my sister.’ Just this made my eyes teary. I missed my sister. The old us. I just ran to her and hugged her and cried. She hugged me back warmly. I love my sister soo much. I know she will always be there for me no matter what. I am her kid sister and she loves me more than anything and I know this. We fight, wrestle, jump in bed, do crazy things, laugh, cry. Thats what sisters are for. I just realised how much happy I am to have a sister. The added advantage is that she seems calm to others, but only I know her real self, one crazzzzzy person I must say. My sister.


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