Are goodbyes really that difficult? Yes they are. Today we gave farewell to our seniors, our TY’s. We had all videos and photographs of their three years’ journey. It was beautiful and what mattered the most was that it touched their hearts. We could see their eyes moist eyes and majority of them having tears roll down their cheeks. It is very warming and heart touching to see all their love for one another. And sitting besides your own classmates, it hits you hard that there is just one more year to go and we’ll be in their place. We’ll be the one for whom farewell will be organized. We’ll be the one separating from our college, teachers and most importantly, our friends. It’ll all be over in a year.

When our seniors were asked to come up on the stage and speak their hearts out for their friends, you could feel them. So much emotions, strong emotions I must say. The three years made them evolve from friends to family. Being there for each other in happiness and sadness, just like a home away from home. They were falling short of words, but the emotions that their voices carried for moving. Joy, happiness, sadness, excitement, anxiety, am sure all these were their emotions. Even the strongest of the strongest person had moist eyes.

We have learnt so much from our seniors. They have guided us, for studies, daily things, lectures, professors, college festivals, everything. They welcomed us with warm hearts when we were newbie in the college. They made us feel like a part of the family. It was always fun being around them. Every person is a different person in themselves. And I am going to miss them. Well, goodbyes are difficult.

A token of appreciation is what we made for them and gave it to them to keep it close to their hearts. It is a collage of their complete class along with two main faculty, the backbone of our BMM department.



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